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About Us
  • Welcome to the Geezers MC page. Geezers MC is an over 40 motorcycle club based in Teller County, Colorado. We ride,socialize and raise funds for our sponsored charities.
  • If you have motorcycling friends who love the lifestyle please share our web site with them,
  • "Like" our Face Book page and tell your friends.
  • We post pictures of Geezers MC functions as well as all sorts of Motorcycle lifestyle photos and events. We're all gonna be Geezers someday! Join in the fun.
Mission Statement
  • We are a R.B. (Riding Brotherhood) by Definition. WE are a collection of 40 years or older men whom "Love to Ride". We support the United States of America.
  • We promote improved relations within the civilian sector, and will ride with honor and respect.
  • We are not a 1% club nor do we intend to be in the future. We will not claim any territory, state, town or area.
  • Our main objective is to help our community and the kids of our community.
  • Promote a better image to the public of motorcycle clubs.
  • Be active productive members of our communities.
  • Support our children's organizations and help all that we can.
  • Be family oriented and responsible members of our club and community.
Colorado Confederation of Clubs Geezers MC is Proud to be an associate member of the Colorado Confederation of Clubs
  • Interested in becoming a Geezer yourself? Contact us for more information!
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